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2020 GCDC T-shirt design contest

We are excited to team up with FGCU's Art Department this year to create a contest for our annual GCDC t-shirt. The students will compete for their design to be selected from our panel of GCDC judges. The winning t-shirt design will be announced in January! 

Good Luck to all the Designers!

Our 2020 GCDC T-shirt Design Contest Winner!

Jazmine Gonzalez Vera


My name is Jazmin Gonzalez, I am from Lehigh Acres, FL. Currently I am a junior at Florida Gulf Coast University, majoring in marketing and digital media design. I started learning graphic design in high school and really loved it ever since. I hope that for the future I can take my career in a direction that involves both skill sets, like working as a graphic designer or as a creative director in advertising.

Jazmine's Winning T-Shirt Design


Congratulations Jazmine on your winning design!

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Click Below for FGCU T-Shirt Contest rules

2020 FGCU t-shirt contest outline (pdf)